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We are a creative production agency

In our industry, the word creative is used a lot. So what does it mean to us?

It means we think. We strip everything down to nuts and bolts and we identify the key goal for our clients. Once we do that, the artistic direction comes naturally (most of the time!)

A key to our success is the fact that we don’t just do the first thing that comes to mind. We work really hard to pitch something that everyone can get excited about.

We have an ambitious, talented team and a wide variety of skills. We work closely with businesses throughout the entire production process, from concept to delivery.

At the heart of Reel’s success is the ability to deliver our clients’ objectives in an inspiring manner with innovative, creative approaches specifically formed for your audience.

And here’s how we do it

The lightbulb moment

In concept development we focus on the best way to encourage your target audience. We identify a strong, simple idea which is original and hard to ignore. We ask all the relevant questions before our team develop the artistic direction for the project.

Cameras rolling

Production means it’s time to capture everything we’ve talked about. Whether on set with a full attendance of cast and crew, or in house at the hands of our animation team, this is where our careful planning and creative wizardry come together.

This is where the magic happens

Our post-production team will edit, sound design, colour grade and introduce any special effects to bring your idea well and truly to life.

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The Team


Ben Newth

Managing Director

Ben established Reel in 2004 and oversees the creative, business and cultural direction of our team, as well as formulating strong connections with our clients.

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