The Landing Page Video and why you should have one.

Landing Page Videos or LPV’s are a relatively new addition to the video revolution but are becoming increasingly popular.

We’ve recently produced a couple of LPVs for clients who recognise the importance of leading with video on their website.

An LPV is a video that is integrated seamlessly into your webpage (usually the homepage) that can have text or links overlaid and plays on a loop automatically in the background as the visitor browses the page.

Some might think that having a video playing while the visitor is trying to read the page would be a distraction but statistics show that visitors will stay on a page with integrated video much longer than one without and it significantly reduces bounce rates.

Putting to one side that the majority of us prefer to watch than read, an LPV has numerous advantages when it comes to engaging with your prospects.

If the video contains shots of you, your team and your working environment it gives the visitor a chance to look into your world, to make a connection and help build brand loyalty. The content can be as serious or as fun as you want it to be, but done properly they can make a big difference to your conversion rates.

The two LPVs we’ve recently produced were for very different clients but the desired results were the same. One video was for a fast growing, young digital marketing business, the other was for a forward thinking business consultant.

The marketing team’s video showed the company’s fun working environment; the table tennis table, the fuseball and the well stocked bar! As well as, shots of the team at work, at their desks or in breakout meetings. The overall message was “We are a young team, we have a great working environment, we have fun but we work hard.”

In contrast the business consultant’s video was more personal and naturally focused on the individual and his daily client interactions. So you see a variety of shots of him meeting clients on a one-to-one basis, mentoring, collaborating and speaking to a large audience. The overall message was “I’m an expert in what I do and you can trust me to help you.”

Two very different businesses but both LPVs will help keep the visitor engaged for longer, build brand awareness a lot quicker, and allow the user to see the person, people and their culture. Making it a lot easier for visitors to envisage themselves doing business with them.

So if you want visitors to your website to have a more enlightening and engaging experience then you should seriously consider having a professionally produced Landing Page Video.

To see the Landing Page Videos mentioned in the post go to Impression and HighGrowth

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