Why You Need A Video…


We believe that everyone can use a good video (and yes…we know we’re bound to say that, but that’s because it’s true!).

For years, television advertising has dominated visual marketing; more recently, however, organisations have focussed their promotional efforts towards the social media and online domain…as this is now where many potential customers reside; and what are they doing? Watching videos of course!

YouTube has over 1 billion users. That’s almost 1/3 of all people on the internet! It’s also the second largest search engine (and happens to be owned by the first), so when people are looking for a solution that your business could offer them, odds are they’ve had a look on YouTube; are you on there?

It doesn’t just stop at YouTube. Having a video on your website is a great way to present your key selling points in one tidy package…and people are influenced most by what they see and hear.

With a good video, you have the chance to not only showcase who you are in the best light, but also reduce bounce rates – which means engaging people on your website for longer. You’ve grabbed their attention, so now it’s time to convert that browser into a customer!

A professional video can be the difference between a person choosing you over your competitor. So if you want to boost sales or simply have your voice heard, you need a slice of that video action.

Fortunately, there happens to be a lovely company called Reel Media who can help…and the video you have just watched shows just one example of how.

There are millions of ways we can share your message with a video. Maybe that’s something to consider?

“Reel Media offer a professional, high quality service and as very happy customers we have returned to them with a number of projects year after year. Would strongly recommend over other media production companies. “

Jodeine Wheatcroft, Curriculum Outreach Manager - Nottingham Trent University

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