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Reel Media specialises in the creation of corporate videos for all purposes, from internal training to external promotion.

From our base in Nottingham’s thriving Creative Quarter, we work with businesses across the East Midlands and beyond – with clients including Capital One, Boots, Nottingham City Council, the NHS and Barclays.

We don’t just create corporate videos for Nottingham’s biggest brands; we also work with small and growing SMEs who recognise the value of video in helping them to reach a broader audience. Get in touch today to discuss your next project with us.

What is a corporate video?

All of our corporate video productions have one thing in common: they tell stories for businesses in a way that their customers want to hear them. This story could position the company against competitors, encourage more sales or define the business’ ethos.

At Reel Media, we’re strategic storytellers. We’ll work with you to understand what your story is and advise on how to best to convey this message to your audience via a corporate video.

The benefits of corporate video

The benefits of corporate video are wide-reaching and will be different for every business. The following three uses apply to every video we make.


Use a corporate video to explain your product or service to prospective customers in an accessible manner. You might also want to create a video to introduce new team members to your company culture.


A successful business communicates well on every level. Corporate videos can be used to showcase a new project to prospective customers and the media, to outline company policy during the recruitment process or to explain a new product or service. Whatever its aim, communication works best when it is engaging and video appeals to more senses than an email newsletter.


Studies continue to show that using video in marketing campaigns and on websites can significantly increase conversion rate.

If your company’s digital marketing strategy includes PPC (pay per click), having a video on your landing page can increase your conversion rate by 80%.

Corporate video case studies

Corporate videos come in all shapes and sizes, here are a few examples of corporate videos produced by Reel Media.


Nottinghamshire solar installer EvoEnergy wanted to showcase a large-scale solar PV panel install on a distribution warehouse. We used multi-camera techniques, motion graphics and drones to create a video that would tell the story of the install to customers and the press.


Impression, a Nottingham-based digital marketing agency, worked with us to create a video that showcased the company’s culture and the personality of the business. This video is now used for recruitment purposes.

John van Geest Cancer Research Centre

The John van Geest Cancer Research Centre wanted to encourage donations from consumers so we created this B2C video.

Capital One

Capital One wanted to create a B2E video that would be used internally to strengthen company culture and boost employee retention.

Corporate video production: the process

Project management

At Reel Media, we treat every corporate video as unique; each has a different aim, budget and audience. We work with our clients throughout the video production process to create the corporate video that will get the results that they want.

We’re happy for business to take as much, or as little involvement as they like in the production of their corporate video.

The brief

The process starts with a simple conversation and drawing up a brief. We’ll find out as much as we can about the business and discuss any ideas that a business may have already, or suggest some ideas if we’re starting from scratch.

Scriptwriting and storyboarding

We’ll then devise a concept, draw up a storyboard and draft scripts, making sure that we’re using a vocabulary and tone that suits your business and its personality.

Presenters and voiceovers

Next, we’ll source talent (professional actors, actresses or business employees) to star in your video.


This is the most exciting part! We’ll film your video on business premises, at a project site or source another suitable location.


After the video shoot we’ll edit the film and add any motion graphics or narration needed convey a story in a way that appeals to all the senses.

Web delivery

There are a number of ways to host your video on the web that allow you to measure the impact of your video on your business using analytics platforms. We’ll help you to choose the right method and set up this tracking.

Subtitling/ sign language/ translation

We can add subtitles and/or sign language to your video at the end of the editing process to make your video’s message accessible to all.

Want to find out more about how corporate video could boost your business? Get in touch.

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