Company Culture Videos

Ensuring your company’s distinct culture is shining through in your corporate video is essential. If you properly showcase your company’s atmosphere it can lead to increased recruitment prospects, but importantly, should not just become a recruitment video, they can be more explicitly focused on hiring.

What is involved in corporate culture videos?

What separates great business culture videos from weaker alternatives is an air of authenticity, a well-developed story, and real people. Whilst it’s ok to exaggerate slightly, having 2 minutes of your team rock climbing and out partying when you do this once a year, isn’t the kind of false representation you want to create. Essentially, company culture videos should highlight the best parts of working for your organisation, the normal experience of employees and the benefits associated with that.

Company culture video production

We have a lot of experience when it comes to creating company culture videos and want to inspire people to get engaged with your organisation or be envious in wishing they worked there. We aim to show the heart of your company with people taking the forefront and we always ensure it’s engaging, not boring or cheesy. We have worked with various SMEs as well as larger corporations to enhance their business with a shareable and professional culture video. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you to create the perfect company culture video.

Does it matter what size my company is? 

The beauty of corporate culture films is how they can highlight the atmosphere of any business. SMEs can benefit from this by producing an intimate film and focusing on their startup culture and opportunity for growth and progression. Larger businesses can obviously provide more varied settings and more people, but their culture videos are typically more widespread, which works for the size and emphasises the scale of what you could be a part of. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what size your business is, your positive characteristics will be emphasised through a great video production process. 

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