Infographic Video Production

Why should I use infographic video production over stable image infographics? 

To effectively present information, animated infographic videos are unprecedented. Sleek animation mixed with interesting data creates a piece worthy of far more engagement than a stable infographic that can easily be scrolled past.

Infographic video production is an intricate process that ensures the data is remembered by the viewer in a creative manner. We offer translatable services to turn your standard infographic into a video, or we can take the data and create a visual from that. You can see the power that video can have with data in the example below.

Animated infographic video with our in-house animators

Our animation team strives to create innovative infographic videos that increase shareability and allow for simple coverage. Our videos are great for embedding in editorial coverage and we ensure they have a high production value, so your data is never let down by poor visuals.

To discuss your infographic video production requirements, give us a call today and we can help to transform your data.

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