Using your video the right way

3 / 02 / 20


A great looking film is one thing; a film that works is something else.

Okay, maybe that's not entirely true. Indeed, the production value of a film usually does influence how well it performs. In order to perform, though, your film needs a stage - and that's something people can easily overlook.

What's the point commissioning a great video if no one sees it?

Using your video the right way starts by developing the right strategy. Work with your production agency to describe what you know about your target audience, what you want to celebrate with your campaign and what desired outcomes you want to achieve. One of the most frustrating things is when a client has all the materials they need to get great results but uses them the wrong way. Just sticking a video on YouTube isn't enough.

Strategy is one of the first discussions we have with new clients, and it breaks down into three parts.

Part one: Put it in the right place.

We have to think about the target audience. What are their habits? Are they spending time on social media? We research and identify what platform is most likely in front of them. This helps to dictate any do's and don'ts, what sort of energy we need to put out there and, ultimately, our art direction.

Part two: Influence your audience.

Knowing who and where the audience is naturally leads into the development phase. We expand this further in pre-production, but it always starts with a 'light bulb' moment'; we take what we've learned and it usually tells us 'it's a 3D animation', or 'it's a short-form trailer', or so on. More than this, however, we start to introduce raw ideas to the equation. This could be as little as a particular shot composition or camera technique. Whatever it is, it always links back to the information we have. We know the destination and we develop the most interesting route for our audience.

Part three: Casting a wider net.

We know that once your audience sees the film, they're more likely to do the thing you're inviting them to do - so now it's all about getting them to the right place. If you've already decided that your film is best positioned on the homepage of your website, you need to get people to your website to see it. There are many ways to do this. Your product isn't restricted to one place. You can share it elsewhere and introduce a call to action. You can use video platforms, social media and even digital billboards in public places. The key word is 'use'. A film is not a finite and fixed commodity. Make it work hard for you.

We can help you shout about it. We frequently produce short teaser edits for you to share on social media. We also share with our own audience, we produce case studies and we do whatever else we can to help drive traffic to the place you want us to.

To summarise...

It's quite simple. If you don't use your video properly you're just throwing money away.

Selfishly, it also makes us look good if your videos do well! We gain exposure and you're more likely to return to us and recommend our services to others - so it really is a win-win for everybody if the video sees a large return on investment!

Think about life after the video and it stands to work in everyone's favour.