What to know before meeting with a production agency

10 / 07 / 19


Many of our clients have lots of experience working with a production company; the process is almost second nature to them. Sometimes, however, new clients are unfamiliar with how it all works. We pride ourselves on our transparency and endeavour to keep our clients in the loop, from our initial conversation to final delivery. This ethos, combined with great talent and ideas, is instrumental to our success.

"How should I approach that very first meeting with an agency?" - To save you time, here are some tips we've collated, based on our own experience.

  • Be open. Tell us what it is you want to achieve and the kind of film that you want to make. Any professional production agency will be able to tell you what is possible and how it can be done if you give them a descriptive brief.
  • Get to know each other. Working relationships require understanding, patience and good communication. Help each other find out the right information and the processes on both sides. Agencies will need to know who and what you are and what you want to achieve. What are you looking to communicate and who do you want to tell your story to? You need to know how the agency works too. What is their creative process? What are the logistics, timelines for delivery and payment terms? Questions (and answers) are vital.
  • What are the obstacles? We make things as plain sailing as possible, but, as in life, we account for occasional hindrances. Be upfront about the potential problems the project might face further on down the line. If something unforeseen happens, communicate it straight away. It will help any production agency plan for that eventuality and adapt in the best way.
  • Strategise. Think and plan how your film will be used. What platforms will host it and for how long? How can you get the most value from your video and how best can you use it to achieve your aims? Is your film a standalone promotional tool or part of a wider campaign? Offering a good indication of these things helps an agency use their expertise to align with your strategy.
  • Budget. We know that clients want to create the best project possible, whatever their budget. It's important to understand that the phrases 'high quality' and 'high cost' are by no means mutually exclusive; you can do amazing things at either end of the spectrum and it's false to assume that bigger budgets equate to higher success. We work to develop the right approach for our clients, and one which will ensure a return on investment, so be honest about your budget we will be honest about what can be done with it. If you haven't a budget in mind, or simply don't know how much these things cost, the same principles still apply. The more information we have from you, the better we can explain what variables influence cost and the closer we can get to an indication of what that cost will be.

We hope this advice is useful. We’re very lucky to be able to work in a creative environment, making beautiful films for our clients and making their lives easier during the whole process. Trust is a major ingredient to success. Follow these tips and trust that the creatives you commission.

Be honest, be open and trust in the experts to do great things for your brand.