Care and Assessment Tool

The Brief

With a new Care and Assessment Tool ready to launch, E.ON approached us with a brief: create a 2D animation which helps introduce associates to the new tool, supports our training and alludes to how it can help colleagues communicate with vulnerable customers.

Our Approach

As the majority of our audience would not have access to audio, our main challenge was to ensure the imagery and text provided enough information for the film to make sense.

We decided to create imagery based on the icons present within the tool, and animated them along with pertinent text. This approach would ensure the icons – many of which were new to the audience – would become more tangible.

Client: E.ON

Format: Video for web

Duration: 2:09

“Love working with Reel Media. They completely get what you want to achieve, always deliver on time and to budget!”

Vanessa Northam, Senior Internal Communications Manager - UK Energy Supplier

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