Homepage Films

The Brief

Homepage Films is a sister project of Reel Media, so it’s close to our heart. This promotional film needed to explain the concept of the service and also highlight why video is such an important marketing tool for any company, regardless of size or sector.

Our Approach

The film needed to represent the client experience of being involved in a Homepage Films production, so we gave little glimpses of what was going on behind the scenes to show the use of green screen and autocue, as the brilliant Amy Voce from Gem 106 takes the viewer through what it takes to make a Homepage Film.

Client: Homepage Films

Format: Video for web

Duration: 1:52

“Reel Media are a creative and intuitive video production company who work at pace. They know the ins and outs of working with a large client. Within two weeks we created a video that was sharp, engaging, different and emotive…we’re glad there’s an agency in Nottingham like this.”

Burt Preece, Colleague Engagement - Boots

Our Clients