How I Like to Learn

The Brief

And Partnership are a leadership development and internal communications consultancy based in Nottinghamshire. Our focus was to produce a film that explores how young professionals learn and develop. 

Our Approach

We elected to produce a simple interview film comprised of short soundbites with persons representing our target audience, in order to achieve something accessible and on message. Visually, the use of a bright yellow backdrop and on-screen text graphics allowed us to adhere to the branding of the client, but also provide engaging visuals to support our technical approach. 

Client: And Partnership

Format: Video for web

Duration: 3:15

“Reel Media work brilliantly to a brief, produce films of the highest quality and have a sensitivity which ensures that they get the best out of the people being filmed.”

Rob Hill, Head of Media Relations - Greater East Midlands Commissioning Support Unit, NHS

Our Clients