International HR

The Brief

DPG is a CIPD qualifications provider based in Manchester, UK. They requested a short film that promotes their new international CIPD Level 5 HR programme.

Our Approach

We decided to adopt an approach that highlights the communal attributes of the programme, and how participants are able to learn and access features anywhere in the world. The high level overview of DPG’s business community portal underlines its ease of use and many important features, explaining how a typical webinar works.

After some meticulous planning (and creative budgeting!) filming took place across several locations, with everything shot in 4K through beautiful Canon cinema lenses.

The final product is a film that does justice to the high quality service provided by DPG. Moreover, this production has been expanded into a wider social media campaign, involving teaser films and advertisements built around the design of the piece.

Client: DPG

Format: Video for web

Duration: 2:20

“Reel Media are a creative and intuitive video production company who work at pace. They know the ins and outs of working with a large client. Within two weeks we created a video that was sharp, engaging, different and emotive…we’re glad there’s an agency in Nottingham like this.”

Burt Preece, Colleague Engagement - Boots

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