Test Lab Demo: Tubular Dryer

The Brief

We were commissioned by Tummers to produce a series of short films that show their test laboratory and how some of their food drying machines work. The focus would be to provide the company with material to support their collaboration with various international companies.

This example is a demonstration piece which features a tubular drum dryer.

Our Approach

The aim was simple: make a film that shows the process and the end result in a way that is easy to understand.
By using slow motion and close up shots through macro lenses, we were able to capture the process and clearly display the function of the machine.
The client was highly satisfied with the final films and has since utilised them on an international scale.

Client: Tummers

Format: Video for web

Duration: 1:00

“Love working with Reel Media. They completely get what you want to achieve, always deliver on time and to budget!”

Vanessa Northam, Senior Internal Communications Manager - UK Energy Supplier

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