Solar Car Ports

The Brief

EvoEnergy have built solar car ports across the UK; our aim was to produce a film that highlights the many advantages of this technology. 

Our Approach

Our case study features a range of techniques, form aerial footage to 3D animation. The purpose of this was to allude to the building process, how the car ports work and to demonstrate how the car ports are utilised by members of the community.  

Client: EvoEnergy

Format: Video for web

Duration: 1:55

“Reel Media are a creative and intuitive video production company who work at pace. They know the ins and outs of working with a large client. Within two weeks we created a video that was sharp, engaging, different and emotive…we’re glad there’s an agency in Nottingham like this.”

Burt Preece, Colleague Engagement - Boots

Our Clients