Hallam Exhibition Showreel

"Are you ready to thrive online?"

We received a very clear brief from digital marketing agency Hallam: Produce a showreel video of approximately 2-3 minutes to be used on exhibition stands.

The primary aim for this video would be to ensure that those who partner with Hallam understand that they will 'thrive online' and 'be remarkable'. Exhibitions are an important marketing strategy for Hallam and it was vital that the video highlights the great work that they do, the great clients they have, the return on investment they bring to those clients and the awards and accolades the company has achieved - from The Drum and especially Google.

We were provided with strong brand guidelines and a tone-of-voice that would be considered during concept development. We pitched an attention grabbing, brand focussed showreel that would serve all the required purposes and offer attendees of exhibitions a definitive account of who Hallam are, even with a fleeting glimpse. This would require snappy editing, bold colours and attention grabbing USPs.


Concept Development Motion Graphics Art Direction Editing

The Finished Result


Behind the Scenes

Our combination of live action footage shot at Hallam's head office, combined with motion graphics and kinetic typography, would strike a perfect balance between the key USPs and the company culture that goes into achieving them.

Filming on location would ensure a more genuine indication of how Hallam's team of creatives work together and create original ideas.

IMG 2143
IMG 2141

We focussed on the Hallam brand colours and fonts to ensure continuity between the video on-screen and the overall presentation of the exhibition stand - which itself is designed according to the brand. Creatively, we were able to exploit characteristics of Hallam's unique typeface as an editing device, which would help navigate the viewer from scene to scene; the diagonal slant at the stem of certain letters has an arrow like-quality which we used to draw the eye from one place to another (this is evident at 00:03 of the video, with the words 'digital experts' and 01:06, with 'Thrive Online'). It's a subtle technique but works well to motivate cuts between otherwise quite different shots.

To further the connection between Hallam's design processes and the online result, we captured several shots to help establish a visual connection. For example, at 01:10 of the video you can see a team member designing a website on a chalkboard; this motivates a cut to the final webpage on screen. Our aim was to show how the end result for Hallam's clients is the product of organic concept development.

"Reel did an exceptional job interpreting our requirements, translating them into a creative showreel that I'm proud to feature on our website, our YouTube channel, and social media."

Susan Hallam

CEO, Hallam Internet

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