The Beeches

A perinatal mother and baby unit.

The Beeches is a perinatal mother and baby unit, which provides treatment for women experiencing mental health problems either antenatally or postnatally. We were approached by the trust to produce an informative video for patients and their loved ones, which would be accessible via the website and in situ. We placed emphasis not only on the essential information but also achieving a positive mood and aesthetic - to provide reassurance and comfort to new patients.


Concept Development Film Production Editing

The Finished Result


Behind the Scenes

Owing to the complex nature of the unit and its patients, careful planning and sensitivity were paramount. This involved recruiting both adult and child actors to portray mother and baby, as well organising our shoot on location in a way that ensured existing patients would not be disturbed.

Having examined the location during pre-production, we were able to produce detailed storyboards and offer the client a clear indication of how we would navigate through the space during the film, as well as representing a realistic journey for new patients.

Beeches Storyboard

Another feature of our planning was to use a fake pregnancy bump with our actors for the antenatal scenes at The Beeches. Child actors were then employed to represent the postnatal scenes both in the unit, as well as at home during a visit from an NHS support worker.

The resulting film is now being used by the trust as an online tool to support new patients and provide a useful insight prior to admission.

"Thanks for all your hard work and to you and your team for being so sensitive to the needs of our patients whilst producing the film."

Shelley Brough

Senior Perinatal Nurse, Derbyshire Healthcare Trust

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