"Climate emergency, climate crisis, climate change...we need to act now."

Remo-urban is a pioneering project designed to improve environmental sustainability and develop 'Smart Cities' across Europe.

Nottingham has been chosen as one of three 'Lighthouse Cities' in Europe, under this project. Remo-urban is in line with Nottingham City Council's bold target to become carbon neutral by 2028. We were approached by the council to produce a film that celebrates this project, explains how it all works and encourages people to get on board.


Concept Development Motion Graphics Sound Design Strategy

The Finished Result


Behind the Scenes

Take a look at how we developed this motion graphic...

Remo Sample

In developing the look of this motion graphic, we were keen to avoid perfect straight lines, generic icons and sterile solid colours. We wanted to create something with texture and charm. Something which evokes feelings of growth and optimism. The obvious way of doing this would be to feature lots of natural imagery and a calm, neutral colour palette. Taking this further, we elected to involve iconic landmarks of the Nottingham area, such as the Robin Hood statue, in order to make something identifiable and, as a result, make the Remo-urban project a more tangible thing.

We introduced moving textures and subtle movements to the text and images in order to create an imperfect, living and organic look to the film. In addition, we made the decision to use a young actor from Nottingham to voice the film, adding to the local appeal and personality of the production.

"Thank you Reel for all your hard work on this film. It's been really well received and we're really proud of it."

Ellen Cooper-Tydeman

Energy Policy Officer, Nottingham City Council