The Experience Starts Here

The experience starts here...

Reel were introduced to this campaign by Abstrakt and jumped at the opportunity to work alongside their amazing rebrand of Savoy Cinemas.

We wanted to create a marriage between Savoy's new brand identity and the cinematic experience of its customers. We pitched for a new 30 second ident to be played before feature films. Our design was influenced by the layering effect of the new Savoy logo and we were able to take advantage of 'living strap line' philosophy created by Abstrakt, choosing familiar movie scenes to match.


Art Direction Motion Graphics Sound Design

The Finished Result


Behind the Scenes

This was a really fun project. What started life as a cinema ident evolved into a much widervisual campaign - including 'living' menu screens to be displayed in several of Savoy's cinemas, and a new ident for Savoy's larger screen experience called 'Vertex'.

As the storyboards below indicate, some of the details of this project changed as it progressed. Our original plan was to film various scenarios to support the strap line chosen - such as a car chase scenario for 'the action starts here'. However, we were able to secure permission from Universal Pictures to use clips from a selection of their feature films, which created even more excitement and anticipation for the final product.

Savoy Storyboard 1
Savoy Storyboard 2

Vertex: Suspend Reality

Following the success of the main Savoy pre-film ident, we were commissioned to produce a separate ident for Savoy's 'Vertex' screen - which is a larger, more immersive cinematic experience. We set our scene in space and included asteroids, stars and massive lens flares in order to achieve a sense of immensity and impact. It was important to convey many of the key selling points of the experience with maximum impact, such as the Dolby 7.1 surround sound, and the 4K laser projection capabilities. The best way to execute this was by mixing our audio to exploit the capabilities of the sound system and producing the ident in high resolution for crystal clear projection on the screen.

Vertex Savoy

Savoy Menu Screens

In addition to the pre-film ident, Savoy requested that we produce animated menu screens for the foyer (still image below). This was comprised of individual menu screens, spread across a multiscreen system. We felt that creating a seamless appearance would be cool and also included subtle characteristics such as steam emanating from the hot drinks image and fizzing bubbles from the cold drinks.

The screens are also used to display trailers for new movies and other promotional digital posters throughout the day; as such, we wanted to grab the attention of cinema customers upon the return of the menus to the multiple screens. We animated the words and had the items slide into position from, the far left off-screen, at the onset. To achieve this effect we had to create each of the menu screens independently, ensuring that they were composited in such a way that any motion would be seamless, and then supply Savoy with five individually signposted videos for the corresponding screen.


"The impact of seeing our new brand brought to life on the big screen was huge. We're really pleased with the final result."

Mark Welberry

Marketing Director, Savoy Cinemas

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