Why Nottingham?

Nottingham is one of best places to start a business in the UK

Working with Invest in Nottingham, our task was to create a motion graphic video to showcase the many selling points of the city. Nottingham is a fast growing hub for new business, and it was important to communicate some of the statistics to back this claim up.

The overall objective: Encourage new businesses to choose Nottingham as home.


Invest in Nottingham

The Finished Result


Behind the Scenes

Prior to commissioning the motion graphic, Invest in Nottingham had used various leaflets and publications to market their services. We wanted to produce a visual style which would reflect these materials, and be used interchangeably with them across various platforms. We designed a look to mirror the colours, typography and branding already in use. Furthermore, many of the logos and icons representing different touch points provided the blueprint of our concept. We were able to reproduce them as vector graphics for the purpose of animation, and also use them as inspiration for the design of new iconography and content not previously represented in other materials.

Further to the existing visual materials, we spent time recording Foley effects in our studio as part of the sound design. We also employed a local voice actor to provide authenticity to the narration of the film.

"Thank you so much! The animation is awesome!"

Alex Broughton

Marketing Manager, Invest in Nottingham

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